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Cleansing the Body

As owner and editor of BodyCleansing.org, my goal is to present vital, useful, accurate, and up to date information on cleansing the body. For many years I have pursued health and well being from the perspective of treating the body as a whole with an understanding that our lives are a delicate balance between Body Mind and Spirit. Whether we are aware of this on a daily basis or not, our bodies are constantly trying to achieve or maintain homeostasis or “balance”. By continuing education and consulting with leading experts in the field of Natural Health, Integrative, Complimentary, and Alternative Medicine, I hope to spread this vital information so that everyone will have the tools available to them to achieve and maintain a healthy, happy and vibrant life. We have the power and the means, it us up to the individual to make a choice and be proactive when it comes to their personal health and well being. Body cleansing is not only a great place to start, but it should become routine.

What is #1 Erectile Dysfunction (Levitra/Vardenafil) Levitra Bloodshot Eyes?

Cleansing the body means we rid the body of unwanted or unhealthy biotoxins which accumulate within us. This cleansing or detox process may be done in several different ways and often it is a combination that will give the best results in the end. Preferable cleansing methods will be natural and not add to the toxic burden we already have but there are some instances where prescription medication may be justified (with the help of your Doctor of course).

Why do we need to Cleanse the Body?

Do you wonder why there are more and more increasing problems with our health? Problems that were not really problems or at least not so widespread only a few decades ago? Younger generations and their parents increasingly are being presented with behavior disorders, allergies or undiagnosed “mystery” illness. This is due, at least in part, to our toxic environment and lifestyle. These toxins are believed to even predispose some children even before birth. If you were lucky enough to have been born relatively healthy, you are still exposed to a virtually unknown about of environmental toxins as you develop. As adults, the years of abuse we submit our bodies to accumulate. It is this accumulation and the possible synergistic effects toxins may have that gives us reason to Body Cleanse. Cleansing has always had a place in history, even before the thousands of chemicals we have introduced into our environment were ever here. In ancient times they cleansed by fasting and saunas. These are still great methods, and can be included in your own body cleansing routine but with our added chemical burden come the need for a more powerful and effective cleansing approach.

Cleansing-Where to Begin

While many of you may want to just try a quick and easy “total” body cleanse, you may want to think about your options. Everyone is different and there is no one pill or one cleanse that will work for everybody the same. Each person may have different toxins and different levels of accumulation. That said there are different natural supplements which target specific areas or organs in the body as well as general methods which work to achieve balance. If you are serious about body cleansing consider a longer multiple method approach.

The Body’s Natural Cleansing Process

Understanding a little about the body’s own natural detoxification systems may help. It is important to realize these systems are constantly working to cleanse our bodies. The problems come either from system/organ failure or simply toxic overload. We break them down into 6 unique detox systems.

  1. Colon: What comes in must go out is most notable from this daily activity that we take for granted. Kidney: Assists in cleansing the blood but primarily regulates fluids and minerals.
  2. Liver: Constantly works to cleanse the blood of unwanted toxins.
  3. Lymph: This life supporting liquid system is responsible for delivering nutrients to the body’s cells as well as carrying cellular waste away. Lymph is also a crucial component of the immune system.
  4. Skin: The body’s largest organ is often overlooked. It can also be an indicator or our health.
  5. Lungs: They not only breathe in oxygen but filter the incoming air and cleanse the blood of carbon dioxide.

Recommended #1 Erectile Dysfunction (Levitra/Vardenafil) Levitra Bloodshot Eyes Order

  • Colon Cleansing
  • Liver Cleansing
  • Kidney Cleansing
  • Lymph Cleansing

By targeting the colon first, we make sure that this system is up and running at its best. You don’t want to have problems with elimination here while doing any of the other cleanses. When toxins are released into the colon to be removed, if there is a backup or buildup, the toxins may just end up being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The second stage in the cleansing order is somewhat disputed. One school of thought says that the kidneys will be needed to process what is dumped by the liver during the liver cleanse so cleanse the kidney first. The other school says to not overburden an already burdened liver by cleansing the kidney first. So the choice is yours. After the first three, the often overlooked Lymph cleansing really helps round out the process.

Other #1 Erectile Dysfunction (Levitra/Vardenafil) Levitra Bloodshot Eyes Considerations

A good cleansing diet and nutrition are obvious considerations. You are what you eat, or more accurately, you are what you don’t excrete is fundamental. Consider a 5 day fast, preferably in the early/colon cleansing stage. This helps to address other digestive issues such as food allergies.
Consider complementary detox techniques like an Infrared Sauna, exercise, yoga, or an ionic foot detox. Never forget that body mind and spirit work as one and our problems are symptoms of imbalance.